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SAILOR fans together with Peter and Rob in Rotenburg an der Fulda (Germany) - 18 May 2001
(left to right:) Katrin, Peter, Rob, Karsten, Michael

Review: SAILOR in Rotenburg an der Fulda (Germany) 18 May 2001:

On the 18 May 2001 I saw the band (in the line-up Peter Lincoln - Phil Pickett - Rob Alderton - Grant Serpell) for the first time at an Oldie-Night (Harpo, Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich, and the Equals also performed there) in Rotenburg / Fulda.
After their performance I managed to get their four autographs.
Harpo ("Movie Star" - "Motorcycle Mama" - Horoscope") performed first, dancing barefooted in front of approximately 2000 people. And only one hour later Grant Serpell appeared on the stage in order to check his drums, while other people worked on the Nickelodeon.
Together with Karsten and Katrin Wagner and the other SAILOR fans I waited for the SAILORs right in front of the stage, and then they finally started their show in front of an excited crowd ("A Glass Of Champagne" followed by "La Cumbia").
The audience didn't want to let SAILOR leave without an encore, so the "Fab Four" returned for a strip (to the playback of "In The Navy" - Village People) in SAILOR-outfits. Suuuuuuuuuper.
My subjective impression was that the audience enjoyed SAILOR more than the other bands. But the performance of Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich (without Dave Dee!) was a great experience too ("Bend It" - "Xanadu").
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