Ralf Willemsen

Ralf Willemsen and his friend Ludger together with SAILOR after their show in Zoetermeer (Netherlands) 07 February 2001
(left to right:)
Ludger, Grant, Peter, Ralf, Anthony, Phil

Review: SAILOR in Zoetermeer (Netherlands) 07 February 2001:

In December 2000 I finally got my Internet access to which I had been looking forward to for so long. Naturally there had to be something about SAILOR somehwere?! And yes, I discovered MARINERO, the homepage is great! At first I checked out the concert dates, and there I discovered a concert which was not far away from me:
On 07 February 2001 in the Disco-Theater Locomotion in Zoetermeer, Netherlands.
Time to drive via motorway: approximately 2 hours.
Beginning 8.30 pm, organised by GoldenMusicEvents. Tickets 22.50 hfl (approx.. 20,00 DM).
In the live programme: The Magic Stranglers, Feed Back (both from Holland) and of course SAILOR as the main act.
In this big disco they always have show with bands that play music from the 60s and 70s. In March 2001 Sweet also performed there.
After the 2 Dutch bands a great performance of SAILOR startet. 100 minutes of live music. Songs like Traffic Jam, A Glass Of Champagne, One Drink To Many, The Old Nickelodeon Sound, Vera From Veracruz, The Secretary, Popmusik, La Cumbia, Girls Girls Girls,............
Most of the songs were much faster and stronger than on the original albums.
At the end there was a special surprise from the four SAILORs: After several sounds of the foghorn (from the song "Sailor"), four captains appeared with the Titanic in their arms. To the music of "In The Navy" they did an excellent strip, except for the trousers!
Having received the autographs from Phil, Anthony and Grant (now dressed again) Peter was the last one that was missing. The manager of "Locomotion" helped us to get backstage into their dressing room, and so we were able to get to know the four guys in person. All of them were very nice and in a good mood, so that we could also make a group-photo. Phil was very surprised when he got to know that we came from Germany just in order to see them in Holland.
I will always remember this great concert, and it won't be the last one!
Ralf Willemsen, in March 2001

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