Rolf Breitling

Rolf together with Phil after the SAILOR concert in Regensburg (Germany) 22 October 2005

Review: SAILOR in Regensburg (Germany) 22 October 2005:

Excited as ever we drove to Regensburg on Saturday the 22nd of October to see the boys live again after more than a year. At breakfast we listened to the "Live In Berlin" CD in order to get into the right mood, and on the way we listened to the new Best Of Album "Down By The Docks". Just after we had arrived in Regensburg and had visited the venue, watching Peter walk through the shopping centre, I received a message from Katrin from the SAILOR club, whom I should meet together with her brother Karsten and their friend Christel at SAILOR's hotel. There, the 4 SAILORs sat at the restaurant; while we joined Katrin and Karsten. There was a lot to talk about and many news to hear. Even Peter Lincoln joined us as relaxedly and naturally that I had never expected it. He is a very congenial and funny contemporary. Time until the beginning of the concert flew.
After the shows of Middle Of The Road and the Spencer Davis Group it was nearly time: SAILOR were announced and had a more than 10 minutes delay. The funny host of the radio station Charivari bridged the time gap with an interview of Katrin and made Karsten sing quite a good version of "A Glass Of Champagne". Cap K. nearly got as much applause as the band later on...
When SAILOR finally came on stage, a dream came true, because Henry Marsh was back at his side of the Nickelodeon. He was very nervous at the beginning of the show but really had an incredible joy of playing. Peter, who had already joined us at the hotel, was in a very funny mood and started rocking staright away. Grant worked as hard and superior as usual behind his drums, and Phil sang "Mack The Knife", while Peter did the lead vocals on "Karma Chameleon".
The concert was over much too fast; but after the show people had the chance to collect autographs; and I was able to briefly talk to Henry about his fantastic album "The Other Side Of The Ocean".
Like every concert of SAILOR it was clinking experience, this time also especially because of Katrin and Karsten. Many thanks to you two :-)
Rolf Breitling, 24 October 2005

Review: SAILOR in Munich (Germany) 14 October 2006:

On Saturday, 14th October, it's time for SAILOR again. They are playing a concert in reachable distance and this one is very special indeed! First gig with Henry's son Oliver as the lead singer.
SoI am very excited about what might be expecting us. We have dinner in a lovely pizzeria and watch the SAILORs having a relaxed lunch at their hotel from there, and we can also have a first look at Katrin and Karsten.
SAILOR are announced for 9 pm, but their performance is delayed to 11.30 pm so that we also have to watch The Equals. While the Spencer Davis Group plays on the other stage we meet the other fans including Katrin and her brother in front of the stage, where we anxiously wait for the SAILOR boys.
Finally it's time for them, and the band has made a very fortunate chouce with Oliver Marsh. He sings in a very confident way, SAILOR have got the needed fresh blood after the return of Henry and the introduction of Ollie. Because we are right in front of the stage, the joy of playing of the boys catches us too. They don't just play their set, but the 4 of them really have a lot of fun. There are even some new songs, very emotional "Sailing", wonderfully sung by Ollie.
After 80 minutes the concert is unfortunately over again - but SAILOR have been so good that I have bought my tickets for February 2007 for the special SAILOR headline concert in Munich on the next day.

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