Ahoy everybody,
as you might have seen on this very website, we have SAILOR's old black Nickelodeon (well, the remaining main frame of it - more or less) in our garden.
SAILOR had no need for the old black GK Nickelodeon any more which was used at all their shows between 1993 and 1996. We - Karsten and I - were to get the side pannels of this Nickelodeon as a very special SAILOR souvenir. Instead, our SAILOR friends Malcolm and Eileen kindly took the old Nick to their house/garage for about 1 1/2 years, eventually seeing that it would be too difficult to take the instrument apart to just bring us the side pannels. So, during their holiday in February 2006, they spent a little while in our hometown Kassel and dropped the old Nickelodeon off at our house. This special delivery caused us all some trouble to get "Nicki" behind our house where it now has a new place in the back garden (!) and causing our parents to wonder what to do with that thing now...!
In July 2007 our SAILOR friend Andreas came to visit us. He also brought some other items from the old SAILOR days that he bought from the band: Georg's original cap from the 90s and the very original Charango - used on songs like "Vera From Veracruz", "Panama" and many more.
But - enough of all those explanations - here are some photos...
Best wishes and SAILOR-greetings,

~ Katrin
your webmaster

Karsten with GK's original cap

Yes... the Nickelodeon is really "parking" in the garden!!

How very comfortable... not!

And thanks to another SAILOR fan - Uli - the Nickelodeon has even got a new bell...


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