"Fast Food - The Musical"
by Rob Alderton
World premiere: 20 - 23 July 2005
at the Swan Theatre
High Wycombe, UK

From 20 to 23 July 2005 Rob Alderton's "Fast Food - The Musical" had its world premiere at the Swan Theatre in High Wycombe, UK.

Here's a synopsis and background to "Fast Food - The Musical", taken from the souvenir programme:

"In the years that followed the Second World War, America boomed. The Population exploded. Several small restaurant entrepreneurs took the initiative to cater for this new and mobile nation. Waitresses and waiting were out. Food production lines and franchised distribution were in, the protagonists of which can still be seen today. They are represented in every high street in every town in every country, testimony to the success of the concept - Fast Food. Such is this success, that the McDonalds logo is more internationally recognised than the Christian cross.
The story is set where this all began - California in the 1950's.The plot centres on the two main characters, Johnnie Goode and Dan Crawford, who together create GoodeBurger. The story follows the fortunes of the Company and the lives of these two men as they work (together at first and then in spite of each other) to build GoodeBurger into the biggest food chain on the planet. They both find and lose love. As the Company grows, their production methods become more and more suspect. The two grow apart and eventually their differences lead to destruction... In the end everyone loses. The whole world eats their food, but is it a better place for it?
Fact or fiction? You decide
Have conviction - say it with pride
For the ending's yours to conclude
To be, or not to be...
Fast Food!"

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The cast (click on the photo to enlarge!)

The opening night of "Fast Food - The Musical" on 20 July 2005 was a big success, giving us all the chance to see the very beginning of this exciting new musical with a fantastic cast and great music written by "our" Rob Alderton himself. The show also featured a great stage set with the special highlight - a burger machine built by Graham "NaylorMan" Naylor.

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And now... some photos from the premiere:

Katrin and Rob

Peter, Katrin and Graham (and Lotte ;-))

Fans at "Fast Food"...


and Linda.

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