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Graham 'NaylorMan' Naylor

the best one-man-crew in the world...

Graham 'NaylorMan' Naylor is SAILOR's Sound Engineer and Tour Manager, although Peter Lincoln described him as his Nanny at the High Wycombe show!!! NaylorMan joined the SAILOR 'crew of one' (!) back in 1998 for the European Tour with John Paul Young. At that time he was Sound Engineer and Tour Manager for Suzi Quatro, which is how he met the guys from SAILOR. On OldieNight shows, when Suzi and SAILOR were on the same shows, Graham got to know the guys and often helped with the technical production - as SAILOR didn't have tour crew back in 1994. He was there when another tour manager managed to turn Henry's keyboard amp off (!) just as he started to play a solo; when the Charango needed tuning - yet again (!) - and when water was spilled into the Nickelodeon! As a result of helping out, Phil booked him as Production Manager for an artist he was managing and then he did some shows with SAILOR when the Legacy album was released - including the TV shows in Denmark. Then came the call to do the 1998 Tour - the first time SAILOR had toured crew since reforming. What a great tour! Part way through the tour Suzi decided that she wasn't happy with Graham working for other bands and they parted company, with Graham joining the SAILOR 'crew of one' on a permanent basis and has done nearly every show with them since then, including the tour of Greenland.
Graham has been involved in designing the last two Nickelodeons, the black one and the new blue one. The idea of the black one was a frame that could be taken apart, with the moulded panels that were shaped like the old Nickelodeon. This packed into flightcases which meant it could travel more easily - but it was heavy because of the cases! So, in 2001, Graham suggested building a new Nickelodeon that was its own flightcase. The guys agreed and Graham designed and built the new Nickelodeon, with help from Rob.
Although NaylorMan is often working on many other projects, including theatre shows, orchestral concerts and festivals, SAILOR is the work he enjoys most! 'The guys in SAILOR are great! They enjoy what they do, have fun doing it and aren't a problem to work with!', says NaylorMan, 'If SAILOR are doing a show I want to be there and will get crew to look after my other work so that I can be!'

The SAILOR crew in Newbury, UK, 2002 (left to right:) Phil, Rob, Graham, Grant, Peter

The SAILOR crew in Linz, Austria 26 Septeber 2003 (left to right:) Grant, Phil Graham, Peter and Rob

A sketch of Graham that Peter Lincoln did during the 1998 tour...

Graham together with Karsten in 2000...

...and Katrin in 2003

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