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Landing Party
A celebration of Britain’s rich musical heritage…

I'd like to introduce you to this extraordinary new band founded by former SAILOR member Rob Alderton. Their first album was just released, and I was lucky enough to witness their first concert in Tring last weekend.
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"Landing Party - A celebration of Britain’s rich musical heritage…
Local musicians Rob Alderton and Ian Robertson are joined on stage by accomplished musicians from the worlds of folk, rock, musical theatre, classical and jazz. This eclectic ensemble produces a new and exciting sound which sees British tradition cleverly merged with other styles.
Rob (known from the band SAILOR and as a West End keyboard player) and Ian (well known in the world of Scottish music) have written a catalogue of traditional sounding tunes (from reels to airs) which have been arranged with influences including Latin, Rock & Roll, even Calypso!"

Their CD includes 13 instrumental tunes, all written by Rob and Ian.

If you're interested in a copy of the album, please e-mail me to

Landing Party
Landing Party: (l-r) Andy Pearce, Mark Lloyd, Ian Robertson ,
Rosy Le Good, Rob Alderton, Chris Woodham, Mike Taylor

Band Photos - July 2011:

Photos of the first concert - 11 February 2011:



Calypso Bay:

Beat To Quarters:

Dance In The Dark:

Joie De Vivre:

More videos:

Last updated: 08 October 2011

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