Munich, Germany - 17 October 2009

Event: Oldie Night
Venue: Riem-Arcaden
Bands: SAILOR, The Rubettes featuring Alan Williams, Matchbox, Midlife Crisis, Duty Free

Photos by: Susi Akinci

SAILOR on stage

Henry, Phil and Nick during "Girls Girls Girls"

Henry and Phil during "Karma Chameleon"

Nick during "Vera From Veracruz"

The "Full Monty"...

A concert report by Susi Akinci:

SAILOR finally back in Munich, my hometown, after three years. A nostalgic feeling comes up, as my mum took me to my first SAILOR concert on 18 October 1976, when I ways already proud 9 years old. It was a fantastic experience! The concert, that took place at the "Deutsches Theater" in Munich, was sold out and I was so much in love! And now, almost exactly 33 years later, we've all become a little older but still almost wrinkle-free, it's the same gigantic mood in Munich.
Because this was only an Oldie Night at the Riem Arcaden (sure, we would have prefered a solo concert), we already arrived in the early afternoon and had a walk through the shopping centre. We, this as usual means Hilde and myself, had a look at the two stages. After a little refreshment we noticed the sound of loud drums in the whole building. For fun I made a remark that this couldn't be SAILOR, but we got curious and went there to have a look. Indeed it was Grant who played drumming along. I found it very funny, and Nick also made a funny remark about this "solo". After the soundcheck we had the opportunity to welcome the four gentlemen and found out that SAILOR's show was planned to start at 10 pm.
After a rather chaotic entry control, the show started with the Radio-Arabella-Band and Duty Free. Then off to the second stage, where we just arrived in time.
SAILOR mastered the audience from the first second, spread a fantastic mood with the well-known songs. A couple of German words from Henry and Grant caused a roar of enthusiasm in the audience. People were also really impressed by a special accordion-bit from Henry and when Phil sang "Mack The Knife". everybody danced with everybody, laughed, and SAILOR delivered a super show on a very small stage. I think that the band made a great catch when they found Nick, huge compliments!
During the "Full Monty", now finally complete again, the younger and also the older girls flipped out. When Nick sang "Can’t Take My Eyes Off You", all girls melted away and adored him. Well, and as always way too soon, the hour had passed and SAILOR left the stage. SAILOR once again managed to impress and entertain their audience and spread a great mood.
After SAILOR, Matchbox had their show on the second stage. We only watched it on one of the big screens to make sure we could get a good place for the Rubettes, who played after midnight. The Rubettes were fantastic as usual and also finished way too fast.
It was another fantastic evening with our favourite band, and I can only recommend to everybody: If you have the possibility, go and see SAILOR live, it's worth it. I'm looking forward to the next time!
Susi Akinci

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