NOAH The Musical

"Noah The Musical"
by Rob Alderton and Ian Gower
World premiere: 11 - 17 September 2005
at the Court Theatre
Tring, UK



Another musical world premiere in 2005...
"Noah The Musical" by Ian Gower and Rob Alderton premiered at the Court Theatre in Tring, UK, in September 2005. As the name already suggests, the musical of course featured the story of Noah’s Ark - complete with a large boat, animals two by two, a storm, a dove and the rainbow.
But that's not all. We - Karsten and I - were lucky enough to be able to watch the very last show of this amazing production with fantastic actors, singers and dancers, the most incredible songs and a great crew.

Here's the track list of the album:

Sad Bad Days
Noah’s Prayer
The Cubit Song
Sing My Song
Noah’s Prayer / Cubits Song
Sing My Song (Reprise)
Who We Are Tonight
Cubits Theme / Ark Fanfare
Mind The Gap
The Storm
Animals Forlorn
Raven and Dove Ballet
No More Tears
Can You See The Rainbow

NOAH The Musical

And now enjoy some photos from the show...

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