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Culture Dub - Cirque de Silvio

Phil Pickett presents: Culture Dub video

Phil Pickett would like to share the following video of his latest project with you.
Phil says: "Our fans might be interested in my new movie, which Henry Marsh, genius film maker and editor, put together (so big 'family' connection)."

Click here to watch the Culture Dub video (feat. Phil Pickett)

Phil Pickett presents:
New Culture Dub album "Bonfire Of The Sanities"

You may have heard about Phil Pickett's project "Culture Dub - Cirque de Silvio".
Their new CD "Bonfire Of The Sanities" was released on 01 June 2008 through their official website at
If you want to know more about the band and listen to some songs, go to or to their MySpace page.

Phil says:
"We have a new release!!! - the first from Culture Dub - it's the basis of the live show, and features many of the songs, some of which I co-wrote with Culture Club in the 80's. It's a 'limited-edition' CD release for Culture Dub fan club only - at the moment. The CD with 17/18 tracks is presently available direct for our fan base.
Anyone who wants to order can go to
Paypal and pay at a special price of 10 + 2.50 p&p.
And I will sign every copy personally!!!"

The Culture Dub "Bonfire Of The Sanities" album includes the songs:
Miss Me Blind, Karma Chameleon, White Boy, I'll Tumble 4 Ya/War Song, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, It's A Miracle, Time (Clock Of The Heart), Church Of The Poison Mind, I Just Wanna Be Loved, I Feel Love, God Thank You Woman, Move Away, Everything I Own, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Loft Remix), Mighty Real, Hoedown Julie (DJ Mix), The Chameleon Overture.

Culture Dub - Cirque de Silvio: CD "Bonfire Of The Sanities"

Silvio and Phil on stage at a Culture Dub concert...

Last updated: 15 June 2008

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