Grant Serpell: drums
Lynton Naiff: organ
John Carter: bass
Glyn James: vocals
Steve Turner: guitar

UK psychedelic pop quintet Ice were formed in the mid-60s while John Carter (bass), Glyn James (vocals), Lynton Naiff (organ), Grant Serpell (drums) and Steve Turner (guitar) were attending Sussex University in Brighton, Sussex, England. Their debut single, "Anniversary (Of Love)", was released in 1967 after the group signed a recording contract with Decca Records. The single revealed a band clearly in the thralls of a Procul Harum fixation, with its layered keyboards and nostalgic lyrics. A second single followed a year later, but "Ice Man" also failed to impress commercially. Both singles have been compiled on numerous psychedelic compilations. The group were later joined by expressive vocalist Linda Hoyle and pursued a jazz-rock direction under the new name of Affinity. Serpell was later a founder member of SAILOR.



Ice Man

CD: Angel Air SJPCD176

Ice Man
Whisper Her Name (Maria Laine)
Anniversary (Of Love)
So Many Times
Walk On The Water
Time’s Fading Fast
Day Tripper
Ice Man
Wide Blue Yonder Boy
Open The Door To Your Heart
Like A Woman 
Tell Me
Silver Lady
Burning, Burning
Two Hearts 
Little Girl In Wonderland

The "Ice"-members Grant Serpell and Lynton Naiff later joined... Affinity

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