New CD: Kajanus (revealed)
A collection of previously unreleased songs of the last 30 years by Georg Kajanus

Released in September 2006

Here is a newsletter from Georg Kajanus about his new CD including previously unreleased songs of the last 30 years:

"Due to the warm response that I have received for the exclusive release of the DATA albums, I have decided to present 'KAJANUS (revealed)'. This 25-track CD album spans three decades of my musical composition and is a collection of demos, demo masters and masters.
As with the DATA CDs, this album is an exclusive, digitally remastered, autographed, pre-commercial release. For some songs, the only available source material came from acetate, vinyl or cassette, however, 16 tracks are sourced from studio analogue multi-tracks.

'KAJANUS (revealed)' contains the following songs:
(All compositions by Georg Kajanus)

KAJANUS (revealed)

  Song: Details
1 Say Hallo 1970 (my one and only solo single release – from vinyl)
2 Before You Say Goodbye (mono B Side to ‘Say Hallo’ – from vinyl)
3 Flying Machine (from the original acetate demo heard by Cliff Richard. I’m playing all the instruments, including a plastic bottle filled with rice for the snare drum and another large plastic bottle for the bass drum.)
4 Passing Time 1972 (my favorite composition from Kajanus-Pickett's 'Hi Ho Silver' album – from vinyl)
5 Harbour (B Side to SAILOR's first single release, 'Traffic Jam')
6 The Pimp’s Brigade 1975 (from a SAILOR live radio performance in Zürich, CH)
Written for DATA in 1979 (vocals by myself and Frankie & Phillipa Boulter):
7 La Tropicana (precursor to 'Latino Lover' from SAILOR's 'Street Lamp' album of 1992)
8 Right Out Of The Blue (from cassette)
Written for DATA in 1986 (vocals by Frankie):
9 A Woman To My Man  
10 It's Over  
11 Soap Scenario  
12 Toytown (instrumental mood piece based on the bizarre world of my late sister, Eva Norvind)
Written in 1987 for ‘Fatima’, an offshoot of '... And The Mamluks':
13 Hassan (precursor to 'Hanan' from SAILOR's 'Street Lamp' album of 1992)
14 Toubib (from the Arabic... French slang for ‘doctor’)
Written for 'Sailor, The Musical' by GK in 1988, based on the original Red Light Review (vocals by myself and Susan Black):
15 Marseilles Galante (based on the original 'The Pimp's Brigade')
16 Bumpety Bump  
17 A Woman Like Me (inspired by 'Melancholy' from the SAILOR's 'The Third Step' of 1976)
Written for SAILOR in the late 1980s and early 1990s:
18 Stone After Stone 1989 (inspired by the events in Berlin of that same year)
19 Desert Island 1993 (from cassette)
20 Apache 1993 (instrumental)
21 Boom! Boom! Boom! 1993 (from cassette)
22 Seagulls Are White 1995 (English counterpart to 'Måken Er Hvit' from 'The Norwegian Trilogy')
Other Projects:
23 Original theme to 'Gendernauts' Original composition for the theme music to Monika Treut's documentary 'Gendernauts' 1998 (from cassette)
24 Men Don't Cry 1995

Best wishes
Georg Kajanus"

Last updated: 12 September 2006

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