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Buch von Roberto Trippini & Georg Kajanus mit  Barbie Wilde

Nach einer original Geschichte von Georg Kajanus

Texte und Musik von Georg Kajanus

1946, Marseille - one of the most notorious cities in the world. The war still casts its heavy shadow. There are accounts to settle, wounds to heal – and lives blighted by great loves cut short. But life goes on, with a renewed hunger for fun and pleasure. Welcome to the fleshpots of Marseille's fabled Red Light District! Welcome to L'Orchidée – Marseille’s premier house of vaudeville and burlesque, whose dancing girls are renowned for the extras they bestow.  Everybody's welcome – especially an American drifter with a hole in his heart and guilt rattling around in his head. Sullen, silent, mysterious, he is simply known by his nom de guerre, "Sailor" – a disgraced wartime hero unable to shake off the obsession for the woman he loved and lost. And then her younger sister shows up at L'Orchidée – looking for work.
"Sailor" is a tale of wartime loss and adventure, but also of redemption and love resurgent.

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