Taken from "Popfoto" issue 11 1975

4 high-spirit-makers with "Nickelodeon"
This is unprecedented! Music that sounds like salty air, seagulls and foreign countries: SAILOR's seafaring-rock.

Harbour atmosphere: The heavy steps of sailors and dock workers are mixed with the sound of high heels, you hear voices from pubs, drunken people shouting, an electric piano is playing somewhere in between. That is the mood on the record of SAILOR.
For centuries those strange musical instruments only started playing when a 5 cent piece was inserted - until the English hit-band SAILOR put the "Nickelodeon" back on the map of the pop-world. SAILOR-steersman Georg Kajanus had the idea to adapt and involve such a music-monster for the sound of the group. Together with Philip Pickett (Nickelodeon, piano, bass, vocals), Henry Marsh (Nickelodeon, piano, accordion, vocals) and Grant Serpell (drums, vocals) Georg Kajanus (guitar, vocals) created a strong mood music between melancholic sailor-dreams and a swinging fairground atmosphere. And that's how they have been playing for the last six years. They met each other in Paris. Georg, who studied at the Sorbonne, had had a flat in the students' quarter "Quartier Latin" - and Philip, Henry and Grant also lived there. Here, where small shops, street cafés and smoky pubs edge the streets, in the middle of Paris, the four English guys formed a band in 1969. Their first performance happened in the so-called café "Le Matelot" - and that means "SAILOR".
But the fours SAILORs had back luck. The café, where they put all their French audience into an offshore-mood every night, burnt down completely - SAILOR lost the constant engagement and had to break up. Soon the four guys were gone to different places all over the world. Four years later Philip Pickett had the idea to reform SAILOR once again. He was still in touch with Georg Kajanus, and so the two of them started searching for the rest of the crew. It was not easy to find out where Henry and Grant had gone. But after months of investigation and many phonecalls they finally got them. Of course they wanted to rehire again for the group...
And so the second cruise under the flag of SAILOR started for Georg, Philip, Henry and Grant. The melodious single "Traffic Jam" was the first signal of success, and after a promising LP release SAILOR will surely land some more hits...

The text under the pictures says:
above: When sailors reach the town their first thought is: Ahoy, girls in sight!
below: On this photo SAILOR show us that the handling of mop and floor cloth has to be learned as well.


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