Rebel's cause

Although "A Glass Of Champagne" was their first hit single in this country, SAILOR have actually been together for over two years now. And in that time they've gained lots of fans amongst other pop groups - Steve Harley, for one!
In fact, it was Steve who gave the group their biggest break this time fast year when he invited them to tour with Cockney Rebel on a big tour of Britain.
"Steve was really good to us," SAILOR's lead singer Georg Kajanus told me. "Not only did he take us round with him, he told everyone that he thought we were great, and made sure everyone knew our names. That really gave our confidence a boost.
"In fact, that whole tour was a great experience for us. I'll never forget the night we played in Glasgow - the audience were incredible. They seemed to take to us right away, and we got the best reception we'd ever had. It made us feel great!"
Now, of course, SAILOR have proved that Steve was right about them - and they're famous enough to do their own tours!
(L to R: Phil, Georg (back). Grant, Henry)


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