Taken from "Bravo" issue 28 1976


1975For the fans he is the star of SAILOR: boss, singer and guitarist Georg Kajanus. But the boys think differently. They think that their success mostly comes from a 40 years old wooden instrument which they discovered in Paris - the Nickelodeon. This star collection tells you everything about this instrument and the four SAILORs...

SAILOR take good care of the star of the band - the Nickelodeon. It looks like two giant pianos standing back to back. Henry Marsh discovered this unusual instrument while studying in Paris with his friends. "We first met in 1970. The music helped us to finance our studies", says Henry. "Most of the time we performed at the 'Café Le Matelot'. It means 'SAILOR' in English. That's where the name of our band comes from. In this café we also discovered the Nickelodeon. It's nearly 40 years old now and used to be a kind of musicbox. When a coin was put inside it played a song."
The sound of this instrument still rules the sound of SAILOR. Meanwhile it was re-designed by the boys. It includes a synthesizer and a glockenspiel. "We try to combine the old sound with modern rocksounds, just like in our songs. Nobody would come to see our shows if we sounded like a band from 40 years ago", believes Henry.
The boys liked Paris so much that they wanted to stay there, but in 1971 the café burned down. Their studies were finished and they didn't see any chance to continue. On separate ways they went to England, joined various bands and worked as studio musicians and songwriters. It was Phil Pickett who brought the friends together again in 1974 after he was offered a record deal.

Georg Kajanus is the most inventive person in the band. He sings, plays guitar and harp, composes the songs and writes the lyrics. He was born on 09 February 1946 in Trondheim (Norway). He is 1,84 m tall, has brown hair and blue eyes.

Drummer Grant Serpell was born on the same day as Georg: on 09 February 1946, but in Paris. 1,80 m tall, brown hair and blue eyes. Since 01 October 1966 he is married to Michelle. Children: Edmund and Charlotte.

Henry Marsh had the idea to use the Nickelodeon for the sound of SAILOR. He was born on 08 December 1948 in Bath (England). 1,80 m tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. Married since 1971.

Philip Pickett is the second man at the Nickelodeon. He also played bass. He was born on 19 November 1946 in the German town Münster as the son of a soldier. He is 1,81 m tall, as brown hair and blue eyes. Since 1975 he is married to Ann.


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