Epic 69192

You take a Nickelodeon (which means an accordion), guitar and drums, sing songs full of guitar and drums, sing lyrics full of sailor-romanticism and write a rather simple song - and you get happy music just like the quartet named SAILOR. SAILOR really sound happy most of the time. Funny and above all plausible are the melodies.
What was a gag on the first LP of SAILOR, namely to disguise everything in a Freddy-Quinn-sailor-way, seems to be slightly mouldy on "Trouble". The days of catchy tunes like "Girls Of Amsterdam" or "Traffic Jam" from the debut LP are over, SAILOR now seem like a Bryan Ferry-imitation with their hit "A Glass Of Champagne" and with "My Kind Of Girl" more like a bad version of the Walker Brothers. Many critics compare SAILOR with a steamer on a holiday-trip which everyone likes to join - for me the quartet sounds more like a small fishing cutter. In spite of this I have to admit that friends of the simple chart-music can here finally find an alternation to the Bay-Sweet-Rubettes-mixture, that gains advantages because of its happiness and fun.

Article by courtesy of Thomas Henning (Berlin, Germany)!


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