The secret of their sound: SAILOR

"Hello Bonzo", could be heard at the beginning of SAILOR's new England-tour three months ago. When the strange wheelbarrow was placed on the stage everybody knew that Georg Kajanus, Henry Marsh, Phil Pickett and Grant Serpell had constructed a new extraordinary instrument again.
"Bonzo includes two bass- and a string-synthesiser", explains Phil who plays the new instrument on stage. It was created because Phil and Henry did not want to stand at the Nickelodeon like twins any longer. Henry is now playing a normal piano, while Phil can move freely with the new Bonzo.
The sound of SAILOR is still as unique as ever. During his last trip to South America Georg bought a very precious harp from Veracruz that he now uses during the song "Jacaranda" and a guitar from Mexico on which Phil plays a solo.
Another funny thing is the Charango, a small guitar from Bolivia that Georg uses during some songs. In October SAILOR will come to Germany with a new great show, their new instruments and their new hit single "One Drink Too Many" (from the album "The Third Step" which is a million-seller in England).
In spite of this SAILOR are spending much time in the studio in order to create new sounds. "One thing is sure", says Georg Kajanus: "Nicky (the Nickelodeon) will always stay with us."

Thanks to Horst Götz (Germany) for this article!


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