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The English band SAILOR was introduced by us last year (Popfoto 11/75). Now they sail to the success in all the charts with "A Glass Of Champagne". The German fans - the band has just presented itself at the "Musikladen" in Bremen - will have to wait a while for the four English guys until their tour reaches Germany. Popfoto went to England for you, to see SAILOR live at their last UK-tour.
What we saw when we reached the New Victoria Theatre reminded us of some kind of carnival. Lots of boys and girls identified themselves, at least according to their outfits, with their favourite musicians. Especially the girls wore sailor-suits, -blouses and -caps.
Then the big moment had finally come. After the young band "Alfalpha" which was the opening act for the show, the lights went down and SAILOR came. Before they could even play a single tone the people went nuts. What the four guys did with their Nickelodeon, a guitar and the drums was fantastic. The sound was good, and the music too. The stage set was an optical pleasure: Nickelodeon, sailor-atmosphere, streetlamp and happy looking musician, who seemed to enjoy their performance.
Every song of the band seemed to be a highlight. The fans sang along and swayed left and right to the music. During the last song "A Glass Of Champagne" nobody remained seated. People ran as close to the stage as possible, applauded and shouted and... yes, it was a real hysteria. Again and again fans shouted the names of the musicians through the music and the noise of screaming girls. The stage offered a last visual highlight. Soap-bubbles came out of the streetlamp. Fog came out of an over dimensional champagne glass. After two encores the show ended. Four not so young English guys (average age 29) had convinced their audience. SAILOR, a band that doesn't have to take drugs or other intoxicants to be in a good mood, is a good alternative to other bands. Let's hope that the sound will be in demand for a long time, so that we can see the band in Germany one day.

Article by courtesy of Thomas Henning (Berlin, Germany)!


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