They sailed to the success with "Girls, Girls, Girls". Now there's the third LP and a TV show
Four SAILORs who are worth their pay

Phil Pickett (29) could work as an actor. But he prefers playing the piano.
Henry Marsh (28) would surely be a good music teacher - if he hadn't decide to play pop music.
Grant Serpell (32) dreams of making big inventions. But he seems to be even better as a drummer.
And Georg Kajanus (30) says about himself that he might be a good designer. His big talent is writing and composing.
Together those talented gentlemen are the English pop band SAILOR, that is currently swimming high on the waves of success. The SAILORs have released two unusually successful albums with "Sailor" and "Trouble" (Epic).
And of course the two top-hits of the last summer: "A Glass Of Champagne" and "Girls, Girls, Girls".
The show "Special Sailor", that the 'Saarländische Rundfunk' will broadcast this Wednesday, has already been sold to five countries. And the tour through Germany, which was just finished, was sold-out everywhere.
The new album "The Third Step" has just been released. A big hit-suspect: the song "Stiletto Heels".
It's not surprising that - after such a success - the advertising-business has also discovered SAILOR. A German soft drink company advertises with "Girls, Girls, Girls". What they want to reach? A speaker of the company: The young people like SAILOR. And we believe that the music and the image of the band is also positive for us. We did the same with the Bay City Rollers, and it was a big success."
In their songs SAILOR sing about the harbour area, tell stories about girls, pubs and adventures. In their private lives they are very solid. They don't drink, hardly go to bed after midnight and enjoy talking about their wives and children at home. And they also remained humbled. When asked about their worries they answer: "Hopefully the success will leave us some spare time for our private lives."

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A bit of ragtime, a bit of pop, original lyrics and unusual arrangements - that's how SAILOR mix their hits. (Left to right: Grant Serpell, Georg Kajanus, Henry Marsh and Phil Pickett).

Article by courtesy of Thomas Henning (Berlin, Germany)!


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