SAILOR splash out
Rick's been chatting up the stars!

"There we were playing to a room full of big serious and mean looking cowboys," the guys from SAILOR told me, when I had finally navigated my way to see them.
"They all had big hats and big guns at the ready. We were so scared that we played our very best that night and tried our hardest not to make mistakes. Otherwise we knew we wouldn't be here to tell the tale!"
"It wasn't the kind of crowed we were used to back home. Nothing like Scarborough!"
Why Scarborough?
"Well, it was the first concert we did in Britain, where the audience really went wild for us," Henry admitted. "Since then, the sailing's been great!"
It certainly has, because they've conquered more than Scarborough, Britain and the continent! Now they've just done a very successful tour of the States and are full of tales to tell.
"Some of the hotels were unbelievable," Phil came in. "They were like palaces! The thing is you got so used to the luxury, that you didn't think anything of ordering tomato sandwiches and five minutes later having about three waiters descend on you and lay a table with every kind of bread and tomato humanly possible!"
"It really brought me back to the harsh reality when I got back home to Cornwall and had to do boring things like the washing up every evening!"
But in spite of all this luxury, SAILOR have been trying to keep fit and sporty. And predictable to the last, even their tennis stories are funny.
"We were being interviewed by a German magazine," they told me. "And after the interview we got them to give us a lift to the tennis courts in their big, black, posh limousine."
"When we trooped out of the car dressed in all our white gear, everybody stopped playing tennis and just stared at us in amazement."
"They must have thought we were tennis stars like Björn Borg, but they knew better when we started playing our schoolgirl tennis!"
"Georg tried to get me to go to see some seedy places when we were in New York," Phil admitted, "but I was so knocked out doing two shows a night, I didn't have the strength!"
They said they still can't get over how the audiences have been so enthusiastic for them.
"They're going to berserk for us in Germany," Phil admitted, "and we haven't played a note there yet!"
"That's probably why they like us," Henry muttered.
With a crew like that it's sure to be plain sailing all the way!

Article by courtesy of Linda Welch (UK)!


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