Taken from "Bravo" issue 43 1976

With all men aboard: SAILOR sail to Germany

A dark street in a harbour town. Sometimes bright names of hotels and nightclubs lighten the darkness, red street lamps blink mysteriously - a SAILOR show.
Scenes like this one could be seen a few days ago in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Köln, Frankfurt and Berlin and on millions of German TV screens.
Georg Kajanus, Henry Marsh, Philip Pickett and Grant Serpell moved the whole of Germany like nobody before. On three occasions they performed on television (Musikladen, Drehscheibe, SAILOR Special), and they also did their tour dates. "We have been looking forward to this for a very long time", says main-SAILOR Georg Kajanus, "because we had two huge hits with 'A Glass Of Champagne' and 'Girls Girls Girls' here. We just owed our fans this way of personal contact."
But that's not all yet. A short time ago they also released their new LP and their new single. On the LP "The Third Step" girls are the main topic again. SAILOR sing about their adventures with them, tell about their red lips and the girls in Hollywood. The music is as good as ever, although they also dared to try some new instruments.
Their new single is named "Stiletto Heels".

The texts under the pictures:
Georg Kajanus is the leader of SAILOR. The son of a Russian prince enjoys travelling. He has already lived in France, Canada, Mexico - and now he lives in England.
Phil Pickett was born in Münster, Germany. He plays keyboards, bass and acoustic guitar.
Henry Marsh, son of a lord, makes the SAILOR-sound on his accordion.
Grant Serpell formed SAILOR six years ago in Paris.


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