SAILOR - "We are looking forward to coming to Germany!"

It took quite a long time until the English Popband SAILOR finally decided to go on tour in Germany. Now the dates are official
From 9 to 18 October they will visit their German fans during their big European tour. POPFOTO met SAILOR before their tour in Saarbrücken, where they recorded their TV show "SAILOR Special" (ARD 12.10.1976, 9 pm). It took almost one week until the TV show was finished, and then we met the four boys from England who seemed a little tired.

"There was no time for holiday this year", explains Georg Kajanus. "When we returned from America we had to go back to the studio after three days in order to record our new LP. On Christmas I am going to visit my mother and sister in Mexico". When we ask whether America, which is said to be the country where everything is possible, was a success SAILOR react a little angry. "It was much worse than we had expected. We should rather have come to Germany, but our manager wanted us to go to America", Grant Serpell says. What had happened in America? Georg Kajanus: "We mostly played in empty or half-empty clubs. Unknown bands opened the shows. Once we played with the Charlie Daniels Band. This musical combination of Daniels-country and SAILOR-pop did not fit at all. On another occasion we performed in a club with a black audience that of course expected funk. That wasn't a pleasure for both sides." Grant Serpell adds: "America was waste of time. We should rather have worked on out new LP." We ask what we can expect at the German concerts and Henry Marsh says: "In September we will start rehearsing for our new show. We want to get rid of the SAILOR-image. During the next weeks we will get ready for the European tour. The German concerts will be very important for us because the fans like us we sold many records there. The fans in Germany will be surprised. That's all I can say now." But maybe we can get to know some more details about the new LP, for example the title and the style of music. Phil Pickett: "The name of the album is not sure yet, but we might call it 'Dancing'. The music will be a mixture between the first and the second album. And as usual the lyrics deal with girls." Georg Kajanus: "I can't write songs about boys. That's my mentality." The hours passed and the eyes of the four guys became smaller. Then they left because they were tired having recorded the TV show. They had to be back in the studio at 8 am on the next day. Georg said: "See you soon. I'm seriously looking forward to coming to Germany" - and we are looking forward to seeing SAILOR. Here are their tour dates:
9 October: Hamburg, Musikhalle / 10 October: Düsseldorf, Philippshalle / 11 October: Köln, Sartory Saal / 12 October: Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle / 13 October: Berlin, Hochschule für Musik / 18 October: München, Deutsches Theater.

Article by courtesy of Gerd Schwonke (Schutterwald, Germany)


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