New Victoria

The four-man group called SAILOR is at once the most European and in some ways the most English folk-based band on the pop scene today.
It is folk-based because it draws its inspiration from the circus, the fairground, the French café-concert and the earliest form of music hall and continental cabaret.
Consisting of three young Englishmen and a singer-songwriter of Norwegian origin (Georg Kajanus, who gains in confidence and style with every appearance), SAILOR ended their largest European tour with an exhilarating performance at the New Victoria Theatre.
Their appeal is as strong to the young as it is to much older, more nostalgic audiences. This in itself is good, as there is a curious kind of innocence at the core of their act, even though the main music hall quality derives from the uninnocent conventional "magic" of seaports and seaport songs. The innocence, in fact, is in the music; nostalgic without being bland, tremendously evocative of a whole era.


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