SAILOR - They are the new Beatles!

With "A Glass Of Champagne" and "Girls Girls Girls" SAILOR first entered the charts. Meanwhile they have sold more than 1.5 million records in Germany. Their Nickelodeon-sound goes around the world.

The youngest fans are screaming like in the best times of the Beatles, but there are also older fans who are longing for the lips of band-boss Georg Kajanus while he sings: "Girls Girls Girls". The quartet has managed to conquer the pop-scene with their extraordinary music: SAILOR - in German "Seemann" - four guys between 28 and 32 years old. They have created new sound for the worn-out romantic sailor-image - with songs that don't deal with wind and sea but with being drunk ("One Drink Too Many") and with light girls ("Two Ladies On The Corner"), with fights ("Trouble In Hong Kong") and shabby hotels ("Quay Hotel"). Their stage in the always sold-out concert halls looks like a red light quater of a harbour town. And right in the middle is the instrument which is most important for their music: the Nickelodeon. The stories for the songs mostly come from the real life of the four guys who are meanwhile all married. In one of the next "Bunte"-magazines you can read the whole adventurous story of SAILOR.

The text under the pictures says:
Georg Kajanus, Grant Serpell, Henry Marsh and Phil Pickett first met in Paris in the café "Le Matelot". There they made music as "SAILOR" until the café burned down in 1971. Two years ago they came together again. Today they are superstars.
The new LP "The Third Step" (CBS 81701, 18,- DM) includes ten new songs in the Nickelodeon-sound, also their hit single "Stiletto Heels".

Article by courtesy of Janette Herlinger (Wuppertal, Germany)


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