Taken from "Freizeit Magazin" issue 45/1976

SAILOR - "Why we hide our wives"

Georg Kajanus dreamily looks at a photo of his pretty wife Chris: "The longer I know her the more I like her. It's a shame that we can't see each other more often!" sighs Georg. That is the disadvantage that SAILOR have to cope with since their success gets bigger and bigger. They don't have much time for their wives and children. The fathers and husbands are on tour.
There would be an easy way to change those bad conditions - simply to take the wives with them. But Georg refuses. "We don't want our wives to live this hectic life every day. And our children shall be able to grow up far away from all this star-activity." Especially for Georg it is not easy to be away from his Chris for so many weeks. The pretty Japanese woman who grew up in Canada has been together with noble Georg for more than 10 years. "I don't want her to hurry after us when we rush from one appointment to the next one."
But Henry Marsh, who has been happily married to Susan since 1971, know the advantages of this arrangement. "When I'm at home and walk through the streets together with my wife and my son Thomas I can do whatever I want!" says Henry who likes to disappear in the animosity in order to relax.
Grant Serpell is the only one who prefers to be accompanied. It's surely because of his pretty wife Michelle that he enjoys going back home. "It's great that Michelle always waits for me at home. It goes without saying. She is always there for me. And then I prefer to enjoy it alone with her", Grant laughs.
For Phil it is also difficult to be without him family. His little son is just six months old. And he and his wife Ann are somehow still in their honeymoon. They got married last year. Phil: "I would like to have both of them with me all the time, but it's better as it is."


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