Taken from "Pop" issue 25/26 1976

SAILOR: "We don't want to be rock stars!"

When SAILOR appeared on the scene nearly two years ago they didn't manage to entertain a huge amount of fans yet in spite of their unique Nickelodeon-sound. With "Traffic Jam" they had a number-one hit in Holland, but at that time no promoters wanted to get them for a tour through Germany. Totally depressed the four English guys came to Switzerland and found open doors. The Swiss television gave them a 45-minute show and SAILOR thanked everybody with a free concert! Then - the band was already said to be a "one-hit-wonder" - the success came over night when "A Glass Of Champagne" and "Girls Girls Girls" entered the charts. The result: This autumn they were on their first German tour, the concert halls were sold out, and enthusiastic audiences stood on their seats. In spite of this success SAILOR-boss Georg Kajanus admits in Pop: "We don't want to be rockstars!"

"SAILOR ahoy - Hit in sight!" was the title of our first SAILOR story nearly two years ago. Pop had already noticed the four gifted musicians with their unique Nickelodeon-sound when the pop-world was not interested in the SAILORs yet. Nobody believed that those musicians might become one of the absolute top-bands. "It was exasperating," says captain Georg Kajanus. "We were stuck. Our LPs got good reviews, but nobody took us seriously. Maybe it was because of the sailor-suits that we wore at the beginning. It took nearly one year until our two singles entered the charts!" But then things went much better.
Today the four travelling musicians are more than just famous people. Their first tour through Germany and Switzerland was sold out at every concert hall. And some people that had not taken SAILOR seriously a year ago know it better now. SAILOR concerts are masterpieces of sound and show-perfection. Clear and lovely sound, a funny and nostalgic show. A great mixture between the "Dreigroschenoper" and an improved "Freddy Quinn"-romanticism with a spot of strong popmusic. "We want to entertain. That's why we don't want to be regarded as rockstars. We try to reach people of all ages with our music. The fun we have on stage shall also be transferred to the audience" says SAILOR-captain Georg. "We want people who have seen our shows to feel that they have been seeing a two-hour set of pure entertainment for their money. Something like a variety-theatre. If that succeeds we have reached our aim." The happy faces at the end of every show prove that SAILOR have really reached their aim. And their new hit is called "Stiletto Heels"!


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