They make music for people who don't like hard rock
"SAILOR" - a pop group with four well-bred, nice English boys who are much more reliable than some of their successful songs...

An English pop-group in the noble "Parkhotel" in Bremen - you shuddering remember the days when Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones walked through the entrance hall with a woman's hat on his head and shocked the inhabitants of the Hanseatic town with his strange manners. But nobody talks about such excesses when it comes to the musicians of the successful pop-group "SAILOR" who have come to the town near the river Weser for a TV performance. Four well behaved young men enter the bright restaurant, and hardly any of the other guests look at them.
They are dressed inconspicuously and wear their clothes - as only English people can do - in a very casual way...
The rest of the translation will follow soon...

Article by courtesy of Linda Welch (UK)!


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