Taken from "Bravo" issue 16 1976

SAILOR - Sparkling like champagne

The stage is designed like a harbour street. Four boys in SAILOR outfits and striped shirts whirl across the stage: SAILOR celebrate their sensational success of "A Glass Of Champagne" with a concert at the New Victoria Theatre in London.
Under a red street lamp they sing about the sea and ships, sailors, home-sickness and light girls. Their show is as ingenious, innovative and entertaining as a cabaret. They underline the harbour-scenery with funny scenes and play instruments that nobody has ever heard of before. SAILOR-leader Georg Kajanus who travels very much has for example discovered a strange looking little guitar named "Charango". He also plays a special harp named "Veracruziana".
The most impressive instrument is a huge "monster" that is almost as huge as the whole left side of the stage: the thing is named Nickelodeon. Inside the huge wooden box there are two pianos that are fixed back to back. The left side is played by Henry Marsh, son of an English lord, the right side is played by Phil Pickett. The Nickelodeon includes eight instruments in its "belly", e.g. a Glockenspiel and - especially necessary for "A Glass Of Champagne" - a synthesizer.
The leader of this musical phenomenon is Georg Kajanus, who writes all SAILOR songs and enjoys travelling. He was born in Norway and lived in France, Canada, Mexico and England. Six years ago he already played in a coffee-house in Paris together with Phil, Henry and Grant. But the great success did not reach the innovative band for quite a long time. Even when they recorded "A Glass Of Champagne" nobody wanted to believe in the great success. That's why Georg decided to go on holiday for a few weeks. When he got back he was welcomed by Phil, Henry and Grant at the airport with a huge bottle of champagne. They shouted: "The song is a hit, we finally made it!"

Article by courtesy of Andreas Boose (Germany)!


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