Star Portrait

After their success with "A Glass Of Champagne" they entered the charts again with "Girls Girls Girls"

Career at the coffee-house. That's how it started: Georg Kajanus studies at the Sorbonne in Paris and gets to know three young guys from England who want to form a band. The only thing that is missing is a name. They chose the name of the coffee-house in which they perform: SAILOR. The coffee-house burns down in 1971 and the four SAILORs go different ways. Steve Morris brings them back together again in 1973. The agreement is: "We stay together!" After some rehearsals SAILOR start a very successful tour through England. TV performances in England and Germany prove: Here comes a new sound, made by four great boys with super ideas!

Grant Serpell: The drummer of the band was born on 02 February 1944 (no, on the 09th!) in France. As a child he lived in Canada and later grew up in London. Grant's father was a professor for music at the universities of Paris and Cambridge. Grant's hobby ist Golf. He's also interested in mathematics.
Philip Pickett: His hobby is boating. But at the moment he's only interested in his wife, who is pregnant. Phil was born on 09 November 1946
(19th!). He worked as an actor and tramped through America. Then he worked as a studio musician. Phil used to collect ancient music instruments.
Georg Kajanus: He is married, just like his friends, and he's the "father" of the band. He was born on 09 February 1946 in Norway. Georg spent most of his childhood in Paris and has a lot of other passions in addition to music: photography, painting, glass-window-design. He is the lead-singer of SAILOR.
Henry Marsh: The blond Henry went to renowned schools like Langley, Dorset and Oxford. One of his schoolmates was Prince Charles. Henry was born on 08 December 1948. His hobbies are his Danish wife, his 11-months-old son Thomas and tennis. He once belonged to the literature-community in Paris.


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