Taken from "Bravo" issue 21/22 1976

SAILOR - The most important facts about the four English guys

"A Glass Of Champagne" was their first hit, "Girls Girls Girls" is the second great song.
Here we introduce the four boys to you...

Henry Marsh - the gentleman with the red rose
Henry Marsh is the elegant SAILOR-member. You never see him without the red rose in his left button-hole. And he always wears his hat. "But not because I am losing my hair", says Henry. He proves this by showing us his red-blond hair. On 01 April 1971 he has married his wife Susan. They have a son named Thomas. Henry is the only "real" English SAILOR-member. He was born in Bath on 08 December 1948, is 1.80 m tall and has green-blue eyes.

Grant Serpell - the funny guy
Drummer Grant Serpell is the most important guy for the other boys - because he is always in a good mood. You never know whether he means anything seriously or not", says Henry. Grant was born on 09 February 1946 in Paris. His father was a professor of music at the University of Paris. Before joining SAILOR in 1974 Grant played together with Geno Washington and Mike D'Abo as a studio-musician. He likes to wear his SAILOR-dress which even include some great buttons that show a ship. His dream: He wants to sail around the world. On 01 October 1966 he has married his wife Michelle.

Philip Pickett - the inventive
Philip Pickett has had quite a lot of trouble in school because he used to dream and sometimes forgot the reality. He was born in Münster, Germany where his father served as soldier on 19 November 1946. The career of the inventive songwriter started when Georgie Fame, Percy Sledge and Arthur Conley recorded some of his songs. This talent finally brought him together with Georg Kajanus, and the two of the recorded the LP "Kajanus - Pickett" together before SAILOR started their great voyage. In 1975 he has married Ann. He always wear a "P" (= Phil) around his neck. "Ann gave it to me when we got married", he explains. "Until now it always made me lucky."

Georg Kajanus - with the anchor
Georg Kajanus' father is an exiled Russian prince. Georg was born on 09 February 1946 in Trondheim, Norway. He spent his childhood in Paris and then went to Canada together with his parents. Having finished school Georg returned to Paris in order to study there. There he also met his friends and formed SAILOR. He wears a SAILOR-dress from the cap to the belt. The anchor on his left cheek is no real tattoo - Georg has just painted it on his face. "If it was a real tattoo I would have to wear it for the rest of my life, but I don't want this", Georg explains.

Article by courtesy of Janette Herlinger (Wuppertal, Germany)


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