...Of the name!

Deciding a name for a pop group, of course, is always difficult, and SAILOR had their fair share of problems!
"At first, when we all met, we wanted to call ourselves the Five Sailors," explained drummer Grant Serpell, "but for one reason or another, that didn't work out, so we settled for just SAILOR."
That sounds simple enough, you may think, but then came the real problem.
"Of course, sailors have short hair, but we had never thought of that," Grant went on, "so suddenly we realised that if we wanted to keep the name we would have to have all our long hair cut off. So we did."
"It took quite a bit of doing, but we weren't sorry in the end, in fact, it's a lot easier to wash your hair regularly when it's short and there's not so much bother about drying it."
"Finally, we enjoyed having shorter hair, which is quite funny really, because before we had always made such a fuss about keeping it long!"
Left to right: Grant, Georg, Henry and Phil

Article by courtesy of Linda Welch (UK)!


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