Taken from "Freizeit Magazin" issue 21 1977

SAILOR - We always win

Like a lot of you, Henry, Grant, Georg and Phil play tennis in their free time. The "magazin" watched them for you

They are really winners everywhere: With "One Drink Too Many" the four English guys just had another great hit. The fans are looking forward to hearing the new single which will be released in summer. At the moment Georg & co. are working on it in the studio. But what are they doing when they are not working? All of them gave us the same answer: "We play tennis!" We accompanied them to a tennis hall and watched the whole thing.
The two teams were Henry Marsh / Grant Serpell and Georg Kajanus / Phil Pickett. SAILOR-boss Georg was to choose the side, but that did not help him and Phil very much. The two of them were beaten by Henry and Grant in a not very serious match. Grant wodered: "And this happened although I prefer to play golf". And witha smile he added: "Meanwhile I am in an age where golf is not as exhausting as tennis - that's why it's better for me!"
Anyway, their music shows that they are not exhausted at all. The new LP will be released in Germany in August this year. "On this LP we are going to show that we are serious musicians. We want to show our audience what we can do!" SAILOR want to be different from the other pop-bands. "We are not only a disco-band!" they say, "on the next LP we will only play what we want - just like on the LP 'Sailor'!"

Thanks to Horst Götz (Germany) for this article!


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