Taken from "Freizeit Magazin" issue 52 1977

The music has changed, but the faces in the English band SAILOR remain the same
SAILOR - The four of us are still the best!

The text under the first photo says: Will SAILOR stay in the old line-up? The thumbs of the guys go up. Everything is ready. Phil is back in the band. And Georg says: "We carry on working as usual. Grant on the drums, Henry and Phil at the Nickelodeon and I keep on playing the guitar". What has changed in SAILOR, are not the faces, but it is the sound. Georg: "That was necessairy for us to keep on playing together in the future."

The text under the second photo says: "We believe in our old line-up and our new sound", SAILOR ensure, and proudly present their new single "Down by the Docks", which is produced in Disco-sound. From the left to the right: Georg, Grant, Henry and Phil, as always ready for jokes.

The text under the small photo says: At the TV show "Pop '77" at the third television programme SAILOR finally presented themselves to the German fans again.

Finally! The questions about what is going to happen to SAILOR after Phil Pickett's interest in a solo career is answered at last. During a TV performace in Baden-Baden Phil told the Freizeit Magazins: "I stay in SAILOR" - How long? - "Since a couple of days", jokes Phil, the sound of his voice only leaving one possible way of interpretation: Phil stays in the band. "We are so used to each other", agrees Georg, "that we didn't even want to try out a strange person as a replacement. In the original line-up we are best."
But SAILOR couldn't help appearing with a little surprise after their forced break. At the show "Pop '77" the four SAILORs presented themselves with a complete new sound. Disco-music is the new style of the boys. And it seems to be a great success for the four English guys. The single "Down By The Docks" is already climbing up the charts.
And the new plans of the band? Georg: "We carry on working in the original line-up, with the Nickelodeon, but also with a slightly different sound with more disco-style. That was one of the main conditions for us to stay together. You should write: If the fans still enjoy our music they can see us on tour in German next spring."

Article by courtesy of Claudia Schlautmann (Germany)!


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