SAILOR - Four gentlemen with naughty songs
Their songs deal with sailors and girls. In their private lives they are no adventurers. But their success is adventurous.

Englands pop-world has finally got four new faces. They are honourable gentlemen in their thirties, and they have neat haircuts, just like the Beatles at the beginning of their era. Thirteen years ago it was shocking because of its length, but now it's amazing because of its shortness. That's how the times change.
Hardly anything amazing is happening in the concert
hall: Fans are standing on the chairs, request half an hour of encores, stamp, rampage, shout - then adjust their ties and go home.
For two years the quartet has been sailing on the waves of success in England and also almost that long in Western Europe- The four pop-grandpas call themselves SAILOR, in German "Seeleute". Their songs - original, melodic and unmistakable - co
me from the area of the harbours and red streetlamps. The most successful ones: "Girls, Girls, Girls", "A Glass Of Champagne" and "One Drink Too Many"...
Just like Germany's show-sailor Freddy SAILOR have never fought against wind and waves, but at most against a constant hungry feeling for a couple of years. A with hindsight praisable destiny brought all of them together in the late 60s in Paris. At that time there was a Café Le Matelot (= Sailor) at the Seine-metropolis, in which a band used to play since the 1930s. With a changing line-up: When someone left, a new musician was enlisted.
So the four guys came together bit by bit, and coincidentally all of them were from Britain; some of them not only with music but also blue-blodded.
Georg Kajanus, born in 1946, is proud to say that his grandfather was a real Russian prince. Today's SAILOR-boss was born in Norway, spent most of his youth in Paris and also a few years in Canada and in Central America. He tried several fields of study, but he prefered his hobbies: painting, photography and composing.
Henry Marsh is also blue-blodded, and he's the only one who's not in his 30s yet (born in 1948). He was born as the second son of an English lord, went to the more dignified Oxford-school and - what shocked his family - tramped through the whole continent after his exams. The three others say that his first class ancestry is obvious: Henry wears his glasses and mostly a rose in the buttonhole, also a hat (even in the room) and a tie.
Phil Pickett was born in 1946 in Münster, where his father was a member of the occupying forces. After school he visited actor-schools, learned nearly all musical instruments and took his knowledge on a big tramp-trip though Europe and America.
Finally there is Grant Serpell, the drummer and 33 year old "senior". He was born in France, learned walking in Canada and the ABC in London. His father was professor for music with international visiting professorship, the son preferred the techical fields. He studied chemistry, then computer-technics - and finally the right feeling at the drums. The chemistry is still his greatest love. "One day", he dreans full of hope behind his drums, "the world will hear about a huge invention. That will be from me."
Fire in the SAILOR-pub. But the Nickelodeon survives...
For two years the four British guys played together. Then there was a huge fire: During a night in the autumn of 1971 the café Le Matelot burnt down. Many girls lost their favourite contact place, many guests their favourite seat - and four musicians lost their jobs.
From then on Georg wrote songs for others, Phil became a demanded studio musician in London, Henry worked as a piano teacher and Grant worked on an invention that was to make him famous.
But fame came from another direction. Steve Morris, son of a music publisher, had herad the quartet in Paris and liked them so much that he was planning a reformation. It took three years until Georg had finally found his old pals again.
At the recording sessions they appeared with so much unusual stuff that other studio musicians were left in astonishment: a guitaron, a Charango, a Veracruziana harp and a 12 string guitar that is complicated to play. The most obstructive thing was an instrument that looked like two agglutinate pianos, and that is unique in the whole world. The SAILORs call it Nickelodeon: In the past this was the name for an automatic piano that played music when you put money inside. Of course, the home constructors Kajanus and Serpell had meanwhile turned it into a real miracle-instrument: "It consists of two pianos, two synthesizers, an electronic glockenspiel and some other gimmicks. We can create sound effects that others can only create after several hours of experimentation in the studio." The strange cupboard can also create the sound of a barrel organ or the shrill jingle of an out-of-tune Western-Saloon piano in addition to "normal" piano sounds.
Composer and writer of all lyrics of the SAILOR songs is Georg Kajanus. His favourite topics are pimps, hedonists, globetrotters and show-offs, light girls and quick girls.
Of course the ethical forefinger is missing: "We don't want to indoctrinate, we want to make happy songs and happy music", says Georg Kajanus about his successful concept, that - just like the one of the Beatles - is an international one: In the USA SAILOR are in the chats, in the USSR the LPs were already sold before they got through the customs.
Incidentally, all four of them are married: Georg's wife is from Japan, Grant's wife if from France, Henry and Phil are married to Englishwomen.
Wishes for the future? "More success, more good ideas for Georg, maybe a bit more calm for golf and boating", Phil, the clown of the band, broods. How about a "Order of the Garter", just like the Beatles? "Of course. If she's got another one, the Queen."
Majesty may check up. The third SAILOR LP "The Third Step" - incidentally a BUNTE-LP- has been on a global triumphal procession for months. Two singles were released from the album and sent to the international charts: "Stiletto Heels" and "One Drink Too Many". And while the German Phono-Academy has just given the "Deutscher Schallplattenpreis" for the best international "Schlagermusik" to the pop-quartet, SAILOR's record company has just announced Gold for "The Third Step".

After the show, the SAILORs are honest family men
Phil married an Englishwoman - Ann. One year ago their son Jack was born.
Grant and Michelle, a Frenchwoman, son Edmund and daughter Charlotte.
For six years Henry has been married to Susan. Son Thomas is two years old.
Georg met Christine, a nice girl from Japan, in Paris and anchored.

The text next to the photos:
Phil Pickett is the inventive guy in SAILOR. Before the band was formed he had composed songs for Percy Sledge, Georgie Fame and other popstars. He tried out being an actor and tramped through America for a couple of years - until he hired with Georg Kajanus.
Henry Marsh is the one with the best manners. No wonder: As the son of an English lord he went to the rather dignified schools of Dorset and Oxford - and he was a schoolmate of Prince Charles. For the distress of his family he fooled around as a tramp and musician after his exams.
Grant Serpell's beats strike everytime - when he play golf, which is his favourite hobby, or when he plays the drums. The drummer of the band was born in France as the son of a music professor, grew up in Canada and studied chemistry in England.
Georg Kajanus, grandson of a Russian prince, is the founder of SAILOR and the composer of almost all their songs. His creativity is boundless even at home. There he is a hobby-painter.
Soon the BUNTE-LP "The Third Step" (CBS 81701) will receive Gold.

Article by courtesy of Thomas Henning (Berlin, Germany)!


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