Teatime with SAILOR
Henry Marsh, Phil Pickett, Grant Serpell and Georg Kajanus - those are the names of the favourite stars of Verena Kessel from Munich. The four nice English boys invited the student to their "teatime" ein. Verena was enthousiastic...

"Since I've heard and seen my favourite band in November at a concert in Muich, I'm a super-SAILOR-fan!" says the 21-year-old Verena Kessel. She has won a meeting with the four nice English guys, and of course she is very happy about this. When the SAILORs came back to Germany to perform in llja Richter's "Disco", the big say had come for Verena. The student who has been living in Munich for the last two years, quit her lecture and drove to the noble hotel "Hilton". There, SAILOR were already waiting for the girl. "So, that's how you look in private!" Verena said in amazement when she welcomed Henry, Phil, Grant and Georg. "Well, when we don't stand on the stage we wear clothes like all the other people - discreet and inconspicuous!" explains Georg, the boss of the band.
Phil invited Verena: "Of course you must have a cup of tea with us, you have arrived at the typical teatime! And we hold this sacred." Verena, who talked to her favourite stars in English, sat down and immediately started talking to the four boys from London. Georg told her about the early days of the band in Paris, and a short time later he was engrossed in a conversation about the beauty of the city near the Seine with Verena. And to the surprise of Phil, Grant and Henry Verena and the SAILOR-leader talked in Frech! "I have learned both languages at school", Verena laughed.
Then Henry fetched his camera and took a photo of Georg and Verena: "We all agree on that: girls from Germany are super!" Finally each of them signed the cover of the new SAILOR LP "Third Step" for her.

The texts next to the photos:
above: A photo for the SAILOR-scarpbook of Verena Kessel and Georg Kajanus was made by Henry Marsh.
below: Verena proudly shows the new SAILOR LP. All four of them have signed it.
right: Maybe the cup is going to ring? Funny Henry entertained Verena during their teatime.

Article by courtesy of Thomas Henning (Berlin, Germany)!


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