SAILOR - only three

When Phil Pickett left the successful band "SAILOR" all the fans wondered: is this the end? But "SAILOR" are not dead yet. The three other members continue their work, and this is not bad at all. The new LP "Checkpoint" proves this. They also owe their fans a performance in Austria, but this does not seem to be possible yet...

Since their hit "Girls Girls Girls" that kept them at the highest positions of the charts the band "SAILOR" has been the favourite band of thousands of teenagers.
That is probably the reason why it was easy for the m to cope with the last troubles that might have broken many other bands: Phil Pickett, the second man at the Nickelodeon, has left the band.
"SAILOR" are not looking for a replacement - the other three members want to continue on their own. Their new LP "Checkpoint" that was released last month shows that this situation does not affect the quality, although their sound has changed a bit.
In February next year the band will make a tour through Germany, and they are also thinking about a concert in Austria, where they have got enough fans. Hopefully this will work!


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