Finally! SAILOR together again

Like in the old days: Georg at the guitar, Grant at the drums, Henry and Phil at the Nickelodeon.

SAILOR have survived their great crisis: Phil Pickett, the second man at the Nickelodeon who had left the band half a year ago, has returned. But there are some restrictions...

SAILOR fans will be relieved: The bad times for the boys from England are over now: Phil Pickett, Henry's partner at the Nickelodeon has returned. Remorseful? "No", explains SAILOR-boss Georg. "Phil has helped us having been asked by us. We did not have any problems when he left the band half a year ago."
The reason for the reunion of the four guys is a television show. TV-people have been successful where the record company could not help - SAILOR are back together again. Phil just couldn't refuse to be back on television for a few of their great hits. But this is not the only reason for SAILOR to perform as in the old days again. They could have put producer Bruce Johnston at the Nickelodeon, who also worked on the new LP. Phil: "A new face just wouldn't fit when we play our hits like 'Girls Girls Girls' or 'A Glass Of Champagne'. I owe my and our fans this favour and I will be there at least for these shows." And what about the other projects? "I am not quite sure yet", Phil says thoughtfully. "I still think that my solo-career is very important as well."
SAILOR-boss Georg: "Right from the beginning we have given Phil the chance to come back to us. Now he has returned, and we are very happy about this. But it is also possible for him to carry on working on his own projects." It is understandable that this gracious offer was accepted by Phil. But now we don't know more about the future of SAILOR than half a year ago. Looking for a new band-member? "No", says Georg, "only if anything else is impossible." Carry on working with Phil who does not come to all recording sessions? "Probably". But there are already problems with the new Germany-tour because of Phil's time-limits. "Maybe Bruce Johnston - the former Beach Boy and SAILOR prducer can help somehow", he explains carefully.

Thanks to Horst Götz (Germany) for this article!


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