SAILOR: The 4th man is back aboard
Joker visited their concert in London

London - The SAILORs know what a real sailor has to do: if possible, try to be back home for Christmas. "Back Home To Christmas" was also the name of the programme with which the four boys startet their new tour at the Empire Ballroom in London. Yes, it's right: They are four again. Phil Pickett, who had given up his place at the Nickelodeon for a solo-carreer, has returned to the band again. And so SAILOR hardly missed a chance of presenting their special instrument with the two keyboards and the glockenspiel-sound at this concert. It was a funny dance-evening, and everyone who expected music in the style of the SAILOR-classics "A Glass Of Champagne", "Girls, Girls, Girls" and "Stiletto Heels" wasn't disappointed.
But: There are other SAILORs as well, namely the ones from the new LP "Checkpoint". This new album was hardly taken care of at this new show, although it is a successful try to combine everything from a disco-track to challenging pop-variety. What some people might have missed in SAILOR before. Obviously the four guys don't dare to stick to this consequently yet. If you want to checkt out the new SAILOR you should definitively listen to "Checkpoint", especially because the topic of the titel-song deals with the Berlin wall!
It will take a while until SAILOR come back to Germany again. At the moment they talk about February / March.

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After a long break finally back again: SAILOR

Article by courtesy of Thomas Henning (Berlin, Germany)!


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