Taken from "Freizeit Magazin" issue 12 1978

Calm for SAILOR?

Things have become calm around the super-band. Their songs disappeared from the charts. A new show is not in sight.

No great hits any more! No extraordinary show! And from day to day they receive less fan-mail. Millions of people in the world wonder: What's up with SAILOR? But Georg Kajanus, Phil Pickett, Henry Marsh and Grant Serpell stay calm. They say: "It's not unusual that bands have ups and downs in their career. We have had huge hits with "Girls Girls Girls" or "A Glass Of Champagne". Every band automatically needs a break after such hits. But we kept on working together."
That was obviously not so good for the four guys. "Down of the Moondogs"
(Nearly, dear author of this text!?) and their last LP "Checkpoint" were flops. And without new hits there weren't any new shows either. They became a band on the edge of the scene. Henry Marsh: "It hurts when you notice that you are no top-act any more that everybody wants. But we are optimistic because we truly believe that we will be back on top again and many fans are still loyal to us."
They deny that the return of Phil Pickett has anything to do with their current problems. Georg Kajanus: "Everyone knows that we are friends. And that's the basis for our success. It's just the opposite: The return of Phil has helped us another step forward. Together with him we are working on new ideas."
The result will soon be available for the fans. Phil Pickett, who loves old and new music instruments, promises it. Phil: "When I left SAILOR I was fed up with everything because things kept on repeating again and again. We were stuck. I wanted to do something new. But then I realised that this only works with a team - the team I had with the other guys of SAILOR."
And Phil Pickett also allows us a view into the future together with the SAILOR from France, Grant Serpell: "It's not calm for us. People will be surprised by our new single that we have just recorded. Many people will find it interesting, and the "new" SAILOR will soon be back on the very top, where they have been once before."

Translation of the text next to the photos:
When Phil Pickett left the band many people thought that the end of SAILOR was near. But after his return things still don't look better for SAILOR. Now Phil asks the fans not to forget SAILOR because all four of them are working on new ideas and many new SAILOR-songs.
Henry Marsh, son of a lord, is the "good creature" in SAILOR. With a wink in his eye he says about himself: "Most of the time I'm only there to interrupt Georg Kajanus. He has never told me if that really annoys him until today." Henry sings, plays the piano and the Nickelodeon.
Grant Serpell, the drummer, was born in France and lived in Canada and London. One day he wants to surprise the world with an invention.
Georg Kajanus, born in Norway, is the son of a Russian prince. He writes most of the SAILOR-songs, plays the twelve-string guitar and sings.


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