Taken from "Freizeit Magazin" issue 33 1978

After a long break the band SAILOR performed in Germany again. Ursula Wayermann met the four nice English guys in Cologne
Four SAILORs conquered Uschi's heart

Ursula, nicknamed Uschi, had already thought about looking for another favourite band. Uschi: "It had been so silent around SAILOR recently, all my friends said that the band had split up." Only Uschi was still full of hope, and she was right. After a trip through Germany the band invited the girl to Cologne. The pretty girl had no problems to win the four SAILORs over for her. Georg Kajanus gave Uschi his sailor's cap and rejected all rumours about a split of the band. "We don't want to stop. We have just released a new single: 'All l Need Is A Girl'. And this autumn we also want to do another tour in Germany, in the old line-up and with our beloved Nickelodeon", the lead singer explained. Phil also told the girl that he is going to stay with the band, and started to sign lots of autographs: "Now you can prove your friends that we still exist." Then the four SAILORs lived up to their name and accompanied the girl to the water. "All we need is a girl - with her gentle-like sensuous touch - is a girl that would lead me out of wanting for much...", they sang to the melody of their new record.

The texts under the pictures:
above: SAILOR are back. Left to right: Grant Serpell, Phil Pickett, Georg Kajanus and Henry Marsh. Their new single: "All I Need Is A Girl". They carry her on their hands.
below left: Uschi proudly wears Georg's cap. Uschi: "Now I'm a SAILOR too".
below right: Autographs, autographs, autographs... Uschi got a lot of them for herself and her friends.
right: The SAILORs on the water with their girl- Uschi enjoys the day with her dream-stars. As usual, Georg is the leader of his musical fellows.


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