Outfits over board
SAILOR - Why the band got rid of the SAILOR-look

Their live performance in the June-"Musikladen" made all SAILOR fans watch television again. At last SAILOR couldn't be seen in Germany for a few months. Many people were curious because they knew that the band-ship was now sailing back to success again: Phil had returned, the manager was fired, the financial problems were solved. In spite of this there was a great surprise and many viewers probably remembered the good old SAILOR days...
Suddenly the Nickelodeon stood not in the centre anymore. Henry only used it sometimes because he mostly played the guitar. Phil did not stand on his usual place at the other side of the strange piano either. He had a organ on a belt around his neck. This time the smart boys were in civilian clothing. Where is the typical SAILOR-look? Where is Georg's captains's cap, where is the anchor on his cheek and the striped shirt?
"Our success started with this outfit, but this isn't a reason to perform in the same outfit for years", explains drummer Grant Serpell. "We thought that it was the right time to throw our SAILOR-outfits over board."
And what about the SAILOR-sound? "All I Need Is A Girl" sounds a lot like the old SAILOR successes. This is no miracle - after the failure of "Down By The Docks" SAILOR have now returned to their old style with new wind in the sails. In the future they want to stick to their style. Georg: "In July we are going to record our next LP. I am going to produce it myself so that the sound can not be falsified."
A Europe-tour with performances in Germany is planned for this autumn. Great stage designs and many extras are supposed to allure the audience again.

Translation of the text under the photos:
Henry Marsh: The funniest member of the band now plays more guitar than Nickelodeon.
Georg Kajanus: The singer and band-captain only performs in civilian clothing.
Phil Pickett: His return helped SAILOR very much. Phil now composes many own songs.

Note: Why did they forget Grant?


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