Taken from "Freizeit Magazin" issue 1 1979

That was great! SAILOR as guides

Super: The winners of our competition "Who wants to see SAILOR in London?" had a great day with the band.

When you are in London you should take a break and have some tea - the typical English way. An idea that can only come from real English guys. And the stars from SAILOR are from England. Petra Märcz (19), Dagmar Felchner (15) and Peter Rauch (17) had come from Germany. They wanted to meet their favourite stars and go on a trip through London - of course with Phil, Georg, Henry and Grant.
But first it was tea-time. And so the tour through Europe's most famous city started. The tea was served in London's highest restaurant "Top of the Tower" - with a great view over the whole town.
Our winners were fascinated: First of all they became friend with SAILOR very quickly, and they were also so impressed by their tour through London that they probably wanted to throw away their tickets for the flight back to Germany and stay there instead.
When the tea-time was finished a huge limousine was already waiting in front of the restaurant, and Petra, Dagmar and Peter were driven through the city together with SAILOR. They first saw the famous Hyde-Park. Then Phil stopped the car and showed them a huge building. "That is our national pride", laughes Georg, "the Queen lives there - the Buckingham Palace!" SAILOR showed their fans a lot of famous places. Big Ben and the House of Parliament. And of course the river Thames. "But this river is not worth seeing," Henry explains, "because it is very dirty." SAILORs don't always like water.

The texts under the pictures:
above: Grant Serpell was the man between Petra (I.) and Dagmar. In German he tried to say: "Mädchen, ihr seid dufte!"
left: After lunch they had teatime together with SAILOR in the highest restaurant of London "Top of the Tower".
below: SAILOR with Dagmar, Peter and Petra in front of Buckingham Palace. Georg: "Our national pride!"
left: That was quite a long welcome-kiss of Petra and Grant. Petra later: "He is such a lovely guy. I would love to stay with him!"
above: Our winners enjoyed talking to their favourite stars. Peter: "I didn't imagine them to be so funny."
right: Our winners had to say goodbye at the airport. They would have loved to stay.


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