Taken from "Bravo" issue 4/1980

SAILOR - former drummer now works as truck-driver

BRAVO: Three years ago SAILOR was one of the most famous pop-bands. Now we have not heard and seen anything from you for quite a long time. And you have to earn your money as a truck-driver...
Grant Serpell: Since a few weeks I do not belong to the band any more. SAILOR-boss Georg Kajanus had already left a few months ago and has meanwhile formed a new band named "Kajanus DATA". Only Phil Pickett and singer Henry Marsh are working as SAILOR.
BRAVO: Do you have financial problems?
Grant: Yes. At the moment I earn money as a truck-driver in order to "feed" my family. I transport freight to the London airport. My wife Michelle also works as a teacher for mathematics on a school in our hometown, so that we can keep our house.
BRAVO: And what do you want to do in the future?
Grant: At first I want to try to form a new band in order to produce the old SAILOR sound again. If this does not work I want to find a job in my original profession. At least I have studied physics.

The text under the photos says:
Grant today: as a truck-driver at Heathrow
Grant three years ago: as a celebrated star in SAILOR


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