Press details promoting the 1991 comeback album "Sailor":

The cruise continues: What started in 1976 with sailor outfits, red light atmosphere but without any electric guitar and bass and went straight into the charts, is now, fresh as usual, back on the way to continue this tradition. SAILOR - who else could it be - report: "Everyone on deck!"
After sad years without SAILOR the 90s comeback single 'The Secretary' heralds the second successful springtime of the quaint formation. Not only the resonance of the radio stations and the high chart positions, but also the resonance of the friends of the SAILOR music proves that the four SAILOR-boys (by the way:it's the original line-up frpm '76) created a big hole in the pop-world with their, finally finished, separation. Georg Kajanus (v,g), Henry Marsh (key), Phil Pickett (key) and Grant Serpell (dr) wrote with such an impressive style that they stormed the hearts of their fans as well as the charts. Who can say that he or she hasn't heard songs, or classics, like 'Girls, Girls, Girls' or "A Glass Of Champagne' before?
That's why the reunion in 1990 was a duty - the demand of 'The Secretary' from the listeners proves that with an emphasis.
Early this year SAILOR released their second hit: 'Music' is the name of their new single which underlines the remarkable features of the band. The secret of their success lies in the mixture of high quality and at the same time 'simple' entertainment - so to speak the classical way for pop music.
But not only the fans of their singles are served, a new LP will also be relased soon.
A kind of collection, which doesn't only include the new SAILOR hits 'The Secretary' and 'Music' but also - for old and for new fans - songs from the early days of the band. The two mega-sellers 'Girls, Girls, Girls' and 'A Glass Of Champagne' end the new album and just leave one wish: Take us with you on your voyage, SAILORs, and give us more of that!


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