Taken from "Bild am Sonntag" issue 01-09-1991

SAILOR are back again - once they invented the saying:
A man needs three things - Girls, Girls, Girls...

Comeback after 15 years
The four boys of SAILOR have grown too large for their old sailor-suits. Now they are back as fresh as ever - the 15 years have not harmed their sound.

It seemed as if the SAILORs had stopped sailing a long time ago - but now the four English guys have stared a marvellous comeback. With "La Cumbia", a Euro-pop-song with latin dance elements the band tries to conquer the hearts of the fans again.
It is 15 years ago that the success of SAILOR started. They invented the saying "Every man needs three things" with "Girls Girls Girls". A great song for which nobody was angry about the boys. Their trademark: a mixture of shanty and Irish pub happiness. The fans were enthousiastic: The boys performed in sailor-suits in harbour pub surroundings and sang happy songs with lyrics about drinks and red light quaters.
Their extraordinary sound came from their Nickelodeon: a huge self-built thing that was formerly used as a kind of music-box in bars when you put a nickel (five cents) into it.
The end came in 1980: SAILOR stopped performing together. Singer Georg Kajanus (44), born in Norway with Russian parents, lived in Mexico and produced electronic music, music for movies, Latin American songs and painted pictures. Keyboarder Henry Marsh (41) composed music for TV commercials and wrote the Off-Broadway musical "Malibu". Phil Pickett (43) performed together with Boy George's Culture Club and composed strong songs for stars with weak voices like Sheena Easton and Thereza Bazar. Drummer Grant Serpell (44) worked as a teacher for chemistry.
Now they sail again - and the SAILORs have made it - their sound from the 70s is as fresh as ever. Compliment!

Article by courtesy of Michael Schieferstein (Dautphetal, Germany)


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