Oldie Night in Bremerhaven (Germany), 06 October 1995:

SAILOR are the highlight of the Golden Oldie Night

They were welcomed as if Bremerhaven had always been their hometown harbour. When the English popband SAILOR entered the stage with their accordion and sailor-neckerchiefs they were welcomed by the 1500 members of the audience of the Golden Oldie Night from the 100th birthday of the "Nordsee-Zeitung".
"We are in a harbour town!" - Thatīs how SAILOR explained their great success on Friday evening. Their show stylishly started with a ship-bell. But the songs that followed were no classic shanties. The first few sounds of their hit "The Secretary" made the audience come closer to the stage. "One Drink Too Many" or "Girls Girls Girls": Great danceable melodies that are still well known today, so that many people are able to sing the songs - and thatīs what many people did.
During their most famous songs the four sailors were supported by hundreds of Bremerhaven's voices. Many people kept on dancing to the great pop songs as well as to the latin American sounds. "Guantanamera" or a roughly interpreted "La Bamba": SAILOR invited the audience to a musical sea- voyage to southern passionate areas. They can easily be recognized on board because of their famous double- piano, surrounded by a red lightchain.
-------They played two encores-------
After "A Glass Of Champagne" the mood was on its climax. To stop the performance at this moment turned out to be an illusion: SAILOR come back on stage two more times before they were finally able to go back to their cabins. (...)

The text under the photo of SAILOR:
With hits like "Girls Girls Girls" SAILOR provided a great mood at the Golden Oldie night, organized for the 100th birthday party of the "Nordsee- Zeitung" in the city hall.


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