New SAILOR member Peter Lincoln
- Fanclub letter to the fans 1996 -

Dear SAILOR Fans,
Its great to be able to write to you at last !
I first met the guys in Europe a few years ago and had no idea that I would eventually become a part of SAILOR. I next met the band at the end of the last year when we played and sang the SAILOR songs together for the first time. It was fantastic!
Now to answer some questions about myself. - I am forty years old (oh! oh!) - about 1.88 m tall. I am happily married with two children (a son and a daughter). I sing, play the guitar and keyboards..... and the Charango!? and I have worked with all kinds of bands and artists during my career as a musician.
I am sure that some of you already know about the new album ("Legacy") which we have just completed. It contains the greatest and latest music of SAILOR, and I know you wont be disappointed. We are all very excited about it!!
We have already started rehearsing for an extensive Europe tour and I hope to meet as many of you as possible,
Peter Lincoln


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