Oldie Night in Düsseldorf (Germany), 19 July 1997:

The wild years when "techno" was an unknown word

(...) The main attraction of the evening, after the performance of the Jamaica- influenced "Equals" ("Baby Come Back"), were definitely "SAILOR". The four guys started quite silent with a song of Edith Piaf, but then they litterally droped their masques.
--- "SAILOR" couldn´t be stopped ---
Suddenly the stage was completely lighted and the SAILORs invidted their audience for "A Glass Of Champagne". But that was not all. At the latest none of the guests remained seated during "Girls Girls Girls". With their great mixture the Seventies-band succeeded in keeping the mood at the climax throughout their whole performance. The audience unwillingly let them leave the stage after the encore shortly after midnight.


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