Promotion material for the "Live In Berlin" album:

SAILOR - An Introduction by Stuart Eliot
- taken from the liner notes of the SAILOR album "Live In Berlin", Red Light Records RL 001, 1998 -

I'll never forget the evening a few weeks ago in Berlin when I experienced for myself the rare musical magical magic of a live SAILOR concert. Through the strains of an old Edith Piaf song, wild street organs and a foggy harbour-town backdrop, the band launched into some of the most powerful and theatical rock entertainment I have ever seen. From their heyday in the 1970's Glam-Rock era - their contemporaries including my band Cockney Rebel, Roxy Music and Sparks - SAILOR shone out as one of the most innovative and exciting live bands of that time. Since then and after disbanding for much of the 1980's they have been re-building their great reputation throughout Europe as a live attraction second to none. Re-discovering SAILOR that night was a complete joy. Their many hits including GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS and A GLASS OF CHAMPAGNE sounding as fresh and sparkling as ever, but more than that.
With a new maturity SAILOR now seem to take on board the whole era of 20th Century contemporary music - from the cobblestone streets of pre-war cabaret a la Brecht and Weill, right through to the Glitz and Glam Rock 70's and back, via the most infectious Latin dance music I have heard for years, with vocal harmonies that would put most other bands, past and present, to shame. Before the group appeared on stage, the anticipation of their many fans, young and old, was palpable, resembling in many ways the devotion of Rocky Horror Show camp followers. Dressing up like their heroes, singing and 'acting out' the whole SAILOR performance, they made it an unforgettable party night out. Encore after encore at the end of the evening left the fans spilling out onto the street singing and dancing - the party still going on no doubt until dawn.
SAILOR have made many great records and classic pop hits in the last twenty years - some of which, like me, you may still have up in your attic! But I am convinced, along with their ever-growing new 90's audience, that unless you experience SAILOR 'Live' in concert, you will certainly be missing out on the true magic of one of the most exciting and entertaining nights out you will ever have. FORGET MTV, INTERNET AND VIRTUAL REALITY! SAILOR ARE REAL... AND ARE BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!
Whatever you do, go out and see them tonight.

(Pilot, Cockney Rebel, Kate Bush, Alan Parsons Project).


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